Lafaye – Dreams Lyrics

Produced By: Ramaj Eroc

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[Verse 1:Lafaye]
Over and over in my head there I was
The battle in the streets
I knew we'd lost
Drive by yesterday
Damn I seen some better days
This was all a dream
That the shit that ain't how it seems
So many junkys in the allies
So many gangs and their ballies
But it was all a dream
Mama where you been
She been at the club
Getting money for the family
This bitch is so greedy
She dont even feed me
Point a gun at her
Tell her that im leaving
She just lights a blunt
She isnt even grieving
So I grow up on the streets
Im just a poor player
Where my spose to take a girl
How my gonna lay her
No house no job
Went into drug dealing
Only 14 and im in to bud stealing
This ain't right this is all a dream
Thats right I wake up but there ain't no scream
Ha ha
Yeah and I roll myself a blunty
Kiss my girl on the cheek
And then go and eat a muffin
Im in my house go to work
Making tracks at the studio
Meet up with phil
And then realese a new video
I need to control my thoughts
Cause they getting contagous
I need to holt my thoughts
Cause they getting invasive
You dont half back on me
If im on the a-list
You just sit back bitch
Cause im taking a resit


[Verse 2: lafaye]
Dreamer child
I was born left alone
In the district
Of deep shit
My hometown
Was the city where you can't sleep
Cause if you do your usally dead
Anarchy and injustice
It ain't just this
It is useless
Were all dead
No where to run
Riding that black horse
Underneath the gun
I wake up
Deep thoughts inside my head
I get dressed
Roll a blunty and brush my hair
Eat a waffle and chicken
Cause you know that I can
Mcann leads me to the boof
Resperate my self and spit...
Holla back boys this is new youth
Yeah yeah yeah
We all really into it
Happy times life rhymes
I am really past it

[Outro:Phil da agony]
Yeah boy im out of l.a
Born up good so I sit back and I say
Dreams and nightmares back up everyday
Everyday,uh,everyday,uh yeah

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