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Its that ugh white flame you feel me ?
Keep your head up lil bruh
White Flame Lil B

[Verse 1]
Everyday its a nigga doing fed time
Why the fuck niggas ain't woke the fuck up
Lil bruh write me saying he doing bad
I just wish he could see me become a man
I got a brotha thats lock down for life time
I got a brotha he a man he doing just fine
I Got two sisters on the low and I love them much life used to be pure remember double dutch
Now suckas doing bad shit for street fame
People that i grew went down to bust brains
You can't trust nobody in the wild west better keep your guns drawn and wear a vest
Only nigga in court with a 50 clip... keep it positive you ain't going to do shit
Shout out to the fader hater ill make you dip low like maser laser
I got the laser in my pocket i dont play with guns
I fight honor
And Shhh
I never kill For drugs
And I live For thugs
Nerds all people the middle above
I bust suckas on they block cause they fire capin
I keep this shit to real its way past rappin
Only time you see me if its in the bank
Niggas plotin on me I'mma make them stank
Start to feel like the jacket cause i never blink
I been out the water shit but i never sink
Remember lil b as the rawest ever
And this time around lets get rich together
You like that dont you
Remember lil b as the rawest ever
And this time around lets get rich together
Yeah !

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