Lil B – Gon Hit That 50 Lyrics

Produced By: Certified Hitz

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Ugh salute me when you see me
Ugh i fucked that bitch in 3D
Youngbased god bitch salute me when you see me
Im rich as a bitch
Fuck my bitch

(Verse 1)
Young based god bitch salute me when you see me
Hundred grand show and im not on tv
Young based god know bitch you know i fucks yuh
Look at me bitch i look so amazing
Bitch dont lie look good today you say it
I look like based god new thang drop top
Damn based god you look like jesus
Bitch i look great and that bitch won't believe me
60 grand show bitch life ain't easy
Bitch suck my dick cause i look like keemie
Bitch i got rich off of dance can you see me
150 bitches man why you dont believe me
Young based god look like king tut in D.C
Fuck yo bitch in 3D, i left before she seen me
Im such a myth bitch you can't even fuck me
Hundred grand show ima show you whos lucky
Fuck what you heard bitch you know i hit that dougie
32 bitches cause i look like jeremy shocky
Michael pittman Glock 9
Young basedgod won't stop mine
Young based god fuck it got damn it
Bitch i look like phil collins
Ridin round with that chopper
I look like 50
My girl look like madonna

I got a old friend said i might be yo father
Bitch dont play no games cause i still tope that chopper
East coast chopper
Bitch its hotter
I got too many bitch
I got too many rich
Thats perfect english

Suck my fucking dick
I got too many bitch
I got too many rich

50 50 gon hit that 50 (12X)

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