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Yo bitch check this out
This that Bitch Mob shit
Yeah this that White Flame
This that Lil B, fuck with me

New Orleans!

[Verse 1]
Let me tell ya' sometin'
Bitch this ice right here, that shit ain't nothin'
Check this out right here
Man I'm off that bottle and I rep that Bitch Mob
Now woadey
If you see me in traffic
Man I might have a thing and a few automatics

Now woadey
Man I'm off the showroom floor
Man I got that new shit cause I'm a bitch

Now woadey
I'm down to bust a head
After I caught that fade bitch my eyes is red

Now woadey
Nigga do your thang', man
And ask them niggas, man I swear they're crazy
Now woadey
You better call that bitch
And tell that ho you know Basedgod bitch

I brought the strap like a faggot
And I lay a nigga down in that muthafucking casket

Now woadey
If I play with texts, man
I'm thinking about the bitch I'mma play with next
Shout out to Birdman
I'm off that lean with a 456
That mean I got a few bad bitches
That will do you down bad for the riches
You heard me?

An I'm not fucking playing
Badadangdangdang, Lil B is the mayne!

Bitch suck my dick
I can't believe it's not butter
I'm Fabio

Ho, go push the line
I met Lil B and Based God at the same time

[Verse 2]
Do it up bitch
Suck my dick bitch
Grandpa's here
Grandpa's here

Suck my dick bitch
You feel me?
And the bitch know I brought the strap like a faggot
Lay a muthafucker down in that casket

[Hook X2]

White Flame bitch
White Flame bitch

Lil B bitch
(Ha, Wa)

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