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[Verse 1: Lil B]
Me and my niggas boss up on these hoes
Come up over here, lick on my nuts
Seven hundred bitch, what's up
We be blowin, blowin blunts in the cuts
Bang-ka-rang-dang, all up on the slut
Uh-huh, bitch we all up on the slut
Me and my niggas go dumb, six-eighty
And we going too crazy, all those bitches like "hey"
Like hey, I don't care, and these bitches any where
I don't give a fuck man, I'm not even fucking scared
And we in it like win it, and I'm in it like Yurin
Based boys like Yurin, and I'm, like Yurin

Boys like yurin
In this fuckin bitch like yurin
You feel me?
Hey, based boys like yurin
And we in this fuckin' bitch like yurin

[Verse 2: Lil' B]
Me and my niggas go crazy, like hundred thousand
Have them bitches on me, like a hundred thousand
Bitch shake ass like a bitch ain't pretty
And she got big titties and I wanna kick with me
Kick with me, yes sir I'm gonna get it in there
Like oh-oh there get it up, get it tight
Yes, me and my niggas boss up like yurin
And we in this fuckin bitch and she know that we stuntin'
Feel me, uh-huh, and she knowin' that we scorin'
All my niggas go dumb when preformin'
All my niggas go dumb smokin blunts
All my niggas dumb fuckin' with their slut

Yeah, in it like yurin
All my niggas, in it like yurin
Yeah, based boys like yurin
Yeah, Based God like yurin

[Verse 3: Lil' B]
Meet that bitch-ass ho with the big dick
I got an eight-ball, had a bitch switch-with
Yes my niggas go crazy in that fuckin' pussy
I'll put my dick in a bitch mouth, bloop, bloop
Bitch fuck off, she be chugging on my fucking dick
Yes sir, yes, I'm hard, yes sir, I'm all off grapes
Yes sir, I'm so high,
yes sir, I'm so fine
All your bitches know I-, know I go too crazy
Hundred thousand, thirty thousand, bitch don't play me
Hundred million, thirty million, bitch you lazy

In this fuckin thing cause I'm going too crazy
My nigga, uh-huh bay boys
Lil' B for Lil' Boss, yes I'm based boy
Yes I'm Based God, yes I'm based lord
I don't give a fuck cause I’m in her like Yurin
Yeah, uh-huh
Based boys and we in it like Yurin
Based boys and we in it like Yurin
Based boys and we in it like Yurin


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