Lil B – Please Respect the Bitch Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
It's that Bitch Mob shit these niggas talkin' about
Basedworld, Lil' B, he the man down south
And he from out west, he that nigga in New York

Just pay for a bitch, just to suck my dick
I have fun all night, boy I get shit fast
All this money in my lap boy I can't look back

Boy the games so sick, nigga sidewalk pimps
Boy they say I can't rap, I just speak my life
I don't gotta fuckin rhyme, all the fuckin time

Get off hip hop dick, and come jump up on mine
This is for your bitch, and I reps that bitch
Bitch mob till the end tiny shirts tiny pants
All these girls all around, I don't know what to do
I just know what I am, the motherfuckin man

Bitch when I walk in that's 10.5, that's 9.1, that's 8.9
That's ask all around, bitch I gets it live
Pretty boy ultimate, bitch salute the bitch
Bitch party over here, bitch it's ice over here
Bitch anything you need, bitch I got that shop
Bitch Mob open up, Bitch Mob close shop

Bitch one man army, Bitch Mob Lil Boss
I'm a walking cell phone bitch let's just talk, bitch let's just chat, bitch I got some thoughts
That Bay Area music, don't get knocked off
This that West Coast sound bitch,
sell me some pussy
At an auction for a bitch and she cost two-fifty
This a bitch mob party, this is Lil B bitch
I be comin off top, I be all on your block
I be showin that love, fuckin with real men
If you ain't a man, then get outta my face
Lil boys get played, in this motherfuckin game
Called 'mate
Check life you doin' bitch

(Watch out for the fakes)

[Hook x8]
I could fuck your ho, bitches already know
When she suck my dick, please respect the bitch

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