Lil B – PYT Intro Lyrics

Produced By: The Alchemist

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P.Y.T. mixtape
Shout-out to Alchemist

Pretty young thug, top of the world
High school hustle came with the muscle
Been in battles all-set, came off with it
Niggas mad at my draw step
The game and the ring now these bitches wanna forfeit
Money on my mind and I ain't talking about that bullshit
This motivation send the people in the pulpit
Middle class or rich, money heading down
And it's a gift and a curse
It gets much worse when you hear the news
That's when they say the truth hurt
You feel me? but how do you live
When I feel separate
Under the 1 percent, only one that came through
Still came new, park the Range in the backyard
I lean low with my top back
Tryna sell the house
Aladdin couldn't bail me out
The type of drugs that you couldn't even count
I had to put it right to the door
Next to the Jesus piece
Stuck the dope in the floor
Got a little greedy, people wanted more
How I'm gon' live and everybody at war?
Pretty young thug cause my niggas wanted more...

This my time
PYT mixtape

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