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Basedgod’s here fucking 10 bitches
Call me Lil B, I have many bitches
I woke up and then I called 10 bitches
I believe that you don’t have this many bitches
I called 20 bitches when I caught a cold
And every bitch… Answered the fucking phone!
When Basedgod calls it’s important
I don’t know him, I just know her
A girl begged me to “pay my rent”
Lesbian girls loooove the Basedgod
They hate dick but they swear they love the Basedgod
I got major guns and I own it
I got… Mmm, Daaaaaaamn
How ya want it, few curt girls
Thank You Basedgod, I have nothing on you
The girls watch me all day, the internet, Youtube
Got damn Basedgod, you have intellect
Goddamn Basedgod, you’re a genius
You can fuck my bitch, nah, I really mean it
You can fuck my bitch, She has no diseases

All good girls wanna suck on my penis
Your girl's blessed if she fucked the Basedgod
She will swim the great damn sea for the Basedgod
She will swim eleven fucking seas for the Based—Nyeaaah!
You bitch, you swim!
Bitch, you swim. You swim

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