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Verse 1
Yeah, Okay I got some money, straight from the Bank vault
Hip-hop is coming back, & it's Fresh money's fault
I am like some food, tell the haters add some salt
I heard she got a ass, I stare when she walk
Yeah, F.M.E til the death of me
Fuck some pussy, til it gets the breath of me
Uh, King of Miami, bitches better enjoy it
Some girls act like sluts, when ya take out a dick, they go & toy it
Yeah, I swear I need some good Bud
Shot gun loaded, bitches call me elmor fud
& if he talk shit, ya boy can get led is his guts
I'm the king, everybody else can get truked
Uh, let me stop fooling, let me get serious
Haters hear my shit, & get delirious
Interlude:Haha, LMCMB, Fresh mula til I'm gone

Verse 2
Yeah, been a year, & grandma still gone
It's alright tho, the cancer's gone from her bones
She said I was the king, & that the world was my throne
Mad it is just so sad, that one year she has been gone
Uh, stone kings, the Clique still strong
Fuck it, it's King Of Miami, Nina's the next song!

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