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Produced By: Mike WiLL Made It

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Yeah, Look...Hello baby, I been looking for you
To tell ya that I wanna make you my boo
You're special to me, more than my crew
I love your hugs, & your kisses too
I know I'm With a girl, but you my mistress boo
Uh, I'll end it with her, So You & I can be together
Soon as I'm done, I'll take you out, buy you that sweater
I used to like her, but I like you ten times better
Yeah, I love you plenty
If someone cause ya harm, keep this semi
Yeah, I need you baby, call the cell
& when you not around, life is a living hell
Uh, Call me, or should I call you?
Me & you we the best two
Yeah, I called ya phone, ya said wassup
Tell All ta exes, they need to step they game up
But all they do us step they lame up
Unlike Gucci, I never repeat the same stuff
Yeah, I swear you hotter than Texas
Just remind me ond time, is ya name Alexis

Outro: Fresh Money, We the best, shot out my nigga Squad, he Young & Talented, Hahahahaha

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