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Verse 1
Fresh Money, got us all a Wrist watch
Since C gone, all I do is diss cops
Fuck them niggas, they hate niggas
Buck them niggas, they hate niggas
Yeah, They freed my nigga Pain
They need to Free C, & quit Freein' lames
Yeah, I stated my point
Shit, and Y'all hate my point
Uh, Niggas beefin' send em to Mr. Krabs
I'm blowin up tracks, like a blister stab
Yeah, Here We Go, We Fresh Money
We get money, we sweat money
Shot out to Young Tank, You want Ney
Uh, lyrics in my iPhone
Erase em later, my mom in my phone
Shot out to Drake
Ya flow like leaves, its gettin raked
All y'all do is hate
I don't hate back
While I'm gettin' dissed, I'm laid back
Yeah, I'm to real for this shit
Fresh Mula baby, I kill for this shit
Uh... Its Fresh Money the rich gang
You hate us, then fix ya brain
This is just a Mixtape, sound like a album
Just passed a few hoes, I guess I wowed em
Uh, Fresh Money...

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