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Man, I kill y'all with A AK
Don't make me get out the blade
My life so hard Pt. 2 No features from Lil Day
I ain't got no worries, I just wanna wake up To a new day
Shot out my nigga shiro
I am so high Ho
You wanna get some money, why ho?
Don't send ya man over here, cause he can get fried Ho
Fuck it I'm through talking, by ho?
Uh, I Just got High Nigga
The Haters Be Like "Why Nigga"
Grandma Gone, She In The Sky Nigga
I Am So Fly Nigga
I Be Goin' to Fast, no time to say Hi Nigga
Yeah, Dad Gone, That's Cool
Tons Of Money, In My Swimmin' Pool
I Ain't got time for haters, I just Move Along
I be Smokin' Kush, it be in my Bong
Uh, D4 Turned Up, C4 Turned Up
I Got A Pound Of That Purp, Its About to get Burned Up
I'm A Rap Teacher, I'm where the New Niggas Learn From
Yeah, Lil Squad, & JJ, I Swear We Be Murkin' Shit
Shot Out To French Montana, Like What They Twerkin' With?

Yeah my homies Kill
My homies kill
Yeah my homies kill
Don’t make my goons go stupid
Go stupid, go stupid, yeah
Don’t make my goons go stupid
Go stupid, go stupid, yeah

Ha, Fresh Mula Baby

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