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Uh, I ball hard like Wade & James
Keepin it real, Forgettin' lames
I be in A Cadillac, switchin lanes
No one Controllin me, Im no video game
Uh, Fresh Money, Lambo thats my clique
I got bombs in my pocket, listen for the click
Yeah, I ball hard Like Wade & James
I'm on a new Track, on a Killa train
Yeah, Niggas lame, niggas stupid
No game, niggas foolish
Yeah, I write my check in cursive
No matter where Im at, I ain't nervous
Mixtape comin, I be cumming
Fresh Money, we be stuntin'
Yeah, Legal problems we got plenty of those
I am LIL JJ, I like women, not hoes
Shot out C, Free my homie
Shot out C, I see ya homie!!
Young Money, Fresh Money
Spendin' money on strippers, the wise call it sex money!!!!!
Uh, I be in my Cadillac
On my iPod & Mac
Bringin in 100 stacks
Hold up
Shot out to the cop who got C
Fuck you nigga!!!

Verse 2:
Uh, 3 hoes I'm Santa Clause
I kill songs, y'all applaud
All I hear is applause
I can't see ya, Ray Charles!
Uh, Free my nigga C, he way too young
Keep lockin' us up, y'all gone get hung
I be kissin' my girl, she touch my tongue
Shit, I shoot up ya motherfuckin' Lung
Uh, Yeah... Haha!!!

Free C!!

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