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[DJ Khaled]
Ayo Snupe! Dreamchaser Records!
Ayo Snupe! You the Future.!
Shit on these fuck boys!!!!

[Lil' Snupe]
Look! I'm finna make these niggas feel me. For all these pussy niggas out here shooting trynna kill me
I'm finna make these niggas feel me. For all these pussy niggas out here shooting trynna kill me
Bitch I'm thuggin' I ain't changin'. The hood that's where I'm hangin'. Nigga run up on me wrong my lil homies gon get the bangin'
Fuck all you niggas and bitches, ya'll know I'm the shit. Cuz ya'll shootin' but ya'll be missing. I'm putting you bitches in ditches
Glock 40 make the whole fuckin' room shake. Walk up in your dorm like I'm your mufuckin' roommate. Niggas know I'm to hot
In your shit like I'm Lou Dock. And if anybody move wrong, they ass gettin' 2 shots. Got my nigga Gwen with me and he got 2 Glocks
It's me against the world bitch I'm feeling like I'm 2Pac. These streets is gettin' crazy, these niggas trynna wet me up
Plus my bitch trippin' I think she trynna set me up. Niggas know how we smoke, niggas know how we go. Make E approach your ass big
40 in the peacoat. These niggas playing dumb like I ain't the one. I got heat like I'm LeBron we doing this shit for fun
All my niggas getting released, bitch I got my shooters back. Run up on me off the nub, Them niggas knock your news back
Ya'll niggas be new to that, my niggas be true to that. Shinin' grindin' bitch I'm Charlie Brown in the 90's. You play me I up it, Nigga
Play me I bust it
. Ya'll be talking bout pistols but ya'll ain't never clutch it. Keep talkin' foul I'mma have my nigga offer you in public
Talkin' shit over twitter but ya'll know we be thuggin'. Talkin' Bow! Fuck around and show up at your town. Mossburg kill you and every
Nigga that you 'round. Niggas trynna play now cuz my cash long. Drop 'em off in Jonesboro and they won't last long

I ain't knocking you bitches, I'm just watching you bitches. And ya'll be talking loud so I'mma get the droppin' you bitches
Ya'll hoes love Snupe, so I be coppin' you bitches. And I go with that hot shit so I ain't floppin' you bitches
Hatin' on my success. Cuz they know I'm up next. Bitches say I'm the best. I'm Charlie Brown in the flesh. Look at the diamonds on my wrist and they all on my neck. And if you try to take Boony in the back with that teck. You niggas playin' games, so you know just how it go
I'm the young nigga who came out the 318 and I finally got my feet up in the dough. If this rap shit don't work, me and my nigga sell dope
The wait over 2013 Dreamchasers the Take Over I'm gone!

[DJ Khaled]
Real Shit! Shit Real!
DJ Khaled! I don't just talk in anybody's records!
I just don't! you gotta be nice! You gotta put in that hustle!

Snupe the future! Lil' Snupe a problem! Remember I told you!
I know when I hear that real shit! Dreamchasers! Meek Milly!
DJ Khaled! We the best! When I co sign something, it means something!
You pussy boys fuck boys! Go inspect this!

Lil' Snupe!!!! 1hundred

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