Lil Wayne – Fortune Teller Interlude Lyrics

Produced By: DJ Drama

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[Talking: Lil Wayne]
Is Mack Maine a fortune teller?
Because he predicted Miley would
Be ready for the world years ago

What Miley they talkin' 'bout? (Laughs)

I saw some shit recently with her
She wild man (Giggles)

She must be on that other one
Pop it off
Pop it off
Pop it off
(Ahh) Pop it off
(Ahh) Pop it off
A molly
A molly
A molly

(Ahh) Pop it off, yeah
Y'heard me!
What up 5?

(Laughing) Aye!

The problem is I believe in you too much (Miley/Molly)

You don't know which one I'm talking 'bout though

So, Is Mack Maine a fortune teller?

I don't know, If he is I'm gon' get some cookies

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