Lil Wayne – I'm Good Lyrics

Produced By: MonstaBeatz

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[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]

Okay, Boston Red Sox cap, I get baseball money
Used to do it big, but now bitch I do it Paul Bunyan
Cincinnati Reds cap, skinny jeans, black chucks
Hollywood shotgun, watch me make you act up
Saints cap, new car, paint that if it ain't black
Red light, press a button, make the top faint back
That was tough, so are us, no such thing as sober up
You close minded, I shoot you in the head I bet you open up
High yellow women with her hair to her ass
Bring her home, fuck her like a belt then I crash
And when it comes to head, I get that head of the class
I got them green backs like I laid on the grass
Lucci be my nigga, the east is up the buildin'
Young Moolah ba--, the blanks already filled in
Fire alarm dick, them bitches wanna pull
Weezy baby nigga I ain't just good muthafucka I'm..

[Hook: Lucci Lou]
I'm Goooooood
I'm Goooooood
I'm Goooooood
(Hehe No Ceilings)
I'm Goooooood

[Lucci Lou]
Still no job bitch, but I ain't hurtin'
Phone still ringin' so I'm still workin'
Got coke for a starters drink if you still slurpin?'
Even got a couple pills if your back hurtin'
Uhh, they call me Mr. Pharmaceutical
I'm getting money every time I'm in the studio
I'm getting money bitch even when I do a show
I get the money even if I have to sue a ho
That's how the game go east side play it cold
We love the new coupes, we love the necks froze
You couldn't beat me if you could
Weezy baby, Lucci Lou and we good


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