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Thats why yo bitch want a real nigga like me [x2]
She want to give that pussy to a nigga like me [x2]
I be pimpin them hoes, I be pimpin them hoes
I be pimpin them hoes pimp pimpin them hoes

[Hook: Lil Wayne]
I be workin them bitches, I be workin them bitches
I be workin them bitches work workin them bitches

[Verse 1: Wayne]
Weezy F. Baby the mothafuckin Carter
Bitches on my stick but my name ain't harry potter
They think I'm very hotter yo gurl say da same
And since we like ta travel she let us run a train
And my defense put me in the hall of fame
I make her turn over everytime we play the game
Yo boy wayne, ask them niggas how I came
In a Ferrari, Jaguar switchin both lanes
Livin room in the kitchen on a plane
I get from A to B so comfortably I
Do my thang y'all niggas so plain
I'm so fly call me soul plane


[Verse 2: Wayne]
To him I'm a killer, to her I'm a lover
I always wear a mask, and I always wear a rubber

Yea I'm from the hood, but my crib in the suburbs
They love a nigga "VIBE", so thats why I got the cover
My nigga Mac Maine is like a brother from another
We from the same hood we will kill a mothafucker
We eat you niggas lunch, and to bitches I'm supper
She ask me to go down, I'm like as long as I fuck her
I wear I lot of diamonds, see baby I'm a stunna
So ride a nigga dick, for a baby bear hummer
And homie you can have her, cause I don't really won't her
You put the dick in her, I put the dick on her


[Verse 3: Dr. Carter]
I'm hotter than fire, she wetter than a bitch
These niggas really pussy, and I'm harder than my dick

I show to much love, for you to be a hater
I ain't home everyday but I'm gettin' my paper
I know whats going on cause I'm creator
And since I'm so early holla at 'em later
I sound like sex comin' through the fadder
Bitch, I'm the president, not the mayor


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