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Produced By: L.A. Posse

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[Verse 1]
I met this new girl with big juicy lips
And nice round hips, I mean her body's a trip
And when I go over her house, you know what I like?
The way she tells me "take it off" and never says "syke"
Yo, I'm never in need, she's feedin my greed
She never waits for me to ask, she takes the lead
Her tongue is sticky, and hickeys are her specialty
E wants her, but she saves the good stuff for me
Her name is Kanday, she's dandier than Dandy Don
You're mad and I'm happy that she put me on
I'll never leave her for nothin, only a crazy man would
That's why I had to tell ya that

(I feel good) about Kanday

[Verse 2]
Now and Laters, gum drops, jelly beans
Brothers beg for the leg, she's on the cheerleading team
It feels wicked, everytime I stick it, that's right
When we're alone she never ever acts polite
Hey yo, she blows me kisses, she does my dishes
I wished I bust two and she grants my wishes
She's clever in bed, she uses her head
She's the kinda girl that keeps a fat man well fed
Left to right all night, the chick's outta sight
I broke my lamp shade in half because I don't use a light
Man, she's juicy like a berry, chocolate with the cherry
Ask me if it's good and I'll have to say very
Wouldn't leave her for nothin, only a crazy man would
That's why I had to tell ya that


[Verse 3]
I'm feelin gooder than good, if you wouldn't I would
If you could, I know you could, she's kickin back in the hood
When she starts to get off she can knock off a cough
I know 'cough' don't rhyme with 'boss', but she made me her boss
She's the talk of my room whenever I'm in my room
My little brother loves her more than his favorite cartoon
Her body's bad, the girl's built, skin like silk
Wet, steamy and warm just like a hot cup of milk
She's all the way live, keeps me satisfied
I don't go outside, I like to stay inside

Her ways are like an angel, with bright white wings
And I'm crazy 'bout the way Kanday shakes her thing
Wouldn't leave her for nothin, only a crazy man would
That's why I had to tell ya that


[Verse 4]
Ooh, you couldn't imagine, I'm lickin my lips
If she was tea I'd take a sip, when I'm in gym I do flips
I'm in love with the pizznoot, it's proper as hell
I'm hittin harder than hard, always makin her yell
She's cooler than an iceberg, word to the mother
In the house, down the steps and under the covers
Right away, no sation, or frontin, or playin
Or delayin, I'm never steppin off, I'm always stayin
Her mother knows me well, father hates my guts
He don't know when we're alone she's always feelin on my niggy-niggy-nuts

For a snack, cornflakes, crackerjacks
Day after day I try to break that back
And man, oh man, damn, you can't and I can
Last time I saw her ex-man, I had to shake homeboys' hand
I said "what up", he said "what up", "I took your girl, so what up?"

Gotta walk on the ground with a hole to fill up
All the boys laugh about her, Darryl and Dewayne
Bobcat and Earl, but they must be insane
Michael Spelling's on my side, and big Chuck the Grease
She's my private freaky deak, my own personal skeez
Wouldn't leave her for nothin, only a crazy man would
That's why I had to tell ya that (I - feel - good)


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