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[Lord Finesse] Check it out, check it out
[O.C.] What's goin on?
[Lord Finesse] One time for your motherfuckin mind
Live for the nine-five
I'm in here with the one and only
[O.C.] Phenomenon
[Lord Finesse] The brother O.C
[O.C.] Yeah
[Lord Finesse] As we max in here, on the EP intermission
You know what I'm sayin?
DITC, in the house
[O.C.] In the motherfuckin house
[Lord Finesse] But I ain't gonna hog it
I'm gonna pass it

As though to noise, kick poison, strike or fold
The debonaire shed space impare with flair
L-O-R-D, F-I-N-E-Double-S-E, ya rappers best beware
He's soon to fine tune in your ears
Beats like minks and his rhymes are like links
Figaro, all due from your nigga O
You're like an Egyptian
Fishin for ways to top the pyramids
You give off presence like a whole fuckin syndicateand hang (aight)
One time for your motherfuckin mind
Lord Finesse bout to spark it in your ear again
YaknowhatI'msayin? He was off the scene
But he back on, and he bout to go on and on and on

(no diggity) one time like that(like that, haaa)

[Lord Finesse] Like I said we're signin off
With my man O.C
And we out

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