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Yeah just my army
Lookin for my army
Cause your my army
Lookin for my army girl

[Verse 1:Lupe Fiasco]
Smarter than a mug, heart full of love
Mine feeling me, mine feeling hers
My zone is the home of the cubs
Westside where I reside
Just a rose that was grown from the mud
My gutta like going to the club
Just fly from her toes to the skull
Your peer pressure well we'll be fine
Insects we be fly
No roaches we deny
Off life how we be high
Rolling like Bun B and queen in ride
Straight edge, great cred, well read, well versed
Like me, love god, Mashallah, go to church

She look so good she from the hood yeah thats my army girl
She got my back we on attack me and my army girl

[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
She got morals, she got ethics
Shes gorgeous, god blessed it
Feeds you breakfast
You do wrong, she corrects it
She be nice and I respect it
Give me space and don't press it
Do her best to leave me stressless
And thats precious, so impressive so I invest it
She is my respiration
When im breathless when the roads rough
She my exit when I came in what I left with
Shes my right now and my next year
She ride we ride

She look so good she from the hood
Yeah thats my army girl
She got my back we on attack
Me and my army girl

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