Lupe Fiasco – Go Go Gadget Flow Lyrics

Produced By: Soundtrakk

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I'm from the city in the Midwest
Best city in the whole wide-wide world, say now
I'm from the city in the Midwest
Best city in the whole wide-wide world, say now
I'm from the city in the Midwest
Best city in the whole wide-wide world, hey
City in the whole wide world, hey
City in the whole wide world, hey

[Hook] x4
I got my go, go, go, go, - go, go, go, go, gadget flow

[Verse 1]
I'm back, I'm back
I'm cool, I'm cool
West side representative
All me, no ghost, no 16-bit like Sega Genesis
All G-ball on the ball, Soundtrakk on the track
Gemini on the job, Shayla G on the G
Sarah Green for the green,
free Chilly
And I'm back on my thing for the listeners' ears
What you are a-bout to-to witness is
Lu new valuable album 2
Credit for the ghetto, ghetto images

From the M-A-D-I to the S to the O-N
Potent, to get you open
Move like a nigga supposed to
Get your dough on the go with the flow
That I'm holding

[Hook] x4

[Verse 2]
Love, got the windy city on my back
So I'm back on my grizzle like a bearskin rug

Plus I'm laying on the floor, blame it on the Go
Little rapper turn it out cause I'm very pluh
I convert I can work anywhere in the world you can ask my brother Hugg
He'll concur, that I'm surrious with the words with the man up above
Thank you very much
That I got what I got
and I'm at where I'm at like an a in a circle
With a pay little Urkel
What they say when they see O.G
From the F to the F to the amazing verbals
They race in circles like they racing a gerbil
I race in a circle like I'm racing a horse
I'm racing a Porsche while they racing in place
They race in a cage, I race on a course
Course, that case in the court did not defer the dream
I am still a raisin in the sun, raging against the machine

[Bridge] / [Hook] x4


[Interlude] x2
Hey, hey don't hate on me
My tank on full, your tank on e
Look good on you, look great on me
Cause I'm a go and never gonna S-T-O-P

[Verse 3]
Like hey, hey I'm the boss
Rock Junya Watanabe Lacoste
Beyond clean, in phenom jeans
Little rap Isaac Asimov
I let my momma in the rhyming that she raised me off
A 80s baby on fire like a safety off
Got my hood riding high on them 28s
Off of everything I spoke like a 84
And they in love with him and I'm in love with them
And we'll never ride dubs again
No we won't
Trying to get Above the Rim
A little too short to dunk
So we donk

[Bridge] / [Hook] x4

[Intro] x2

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