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[Intro: Future]
Rich Gang, Mac what it do fool!

[Hook: Future]
Hoes go crazy X7
Some good Weed
Some good Molly
Some good Syrup
Enough for everybody
Hoes go crazy X3

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
I fuck around with these hoes
Never give them no money, still they stripping out of their clothes
A slut, thats the shit that I like
Take a little of that po', then we mix it up with that Sprite
Hoes go crazy
See them popping all of those beans
Hoes go crazy
Ass popping out of them jeans
Hoes go crazy
Doing drugs and getting that fuck on
Better suck this dick bitch, this ain't no love song
Woah, Riding round with these hoes
Woah, thirsty bitch on a roll
Give me head I'm aroahsed
Don't, Bitch this ain't no joke
I'm a crash this car with my dick down your throat


[Verse : Future]
Oooo...I got my swag on...

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