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All my peoples
All of my peoples

Everythings a-ok (it's all good)
We've been waiting way too long
So tell the dj to play my song

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
I kind of feel like I deserve this
Butterflys all up in my stomach like a first kiss
Just a word smith
usin' poetry and more
But distracted by these girls who want their Juicy Couture
Yeah, this life is all about materials things
I got kids tricks bitch, I'm the cereal king
And everything better if you relax and chill
So my seat back for weed naps we need that for real

I took my heart put it all out on a CD
You now rockin' with the bees knees
I'm the cat's pajamas, the coolest of the cool
The kid that got them gassed, tappin', usin' up their fuel
When they first heard em spit, didn't think that it will be shit
M-o-s-t to the d-o-p-e kids
Haven’t seen you up in ages now you are hangin' with a G bitch
I want money, but they say I need Jesus


[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
I'm Half man-half amazin'
Flyer than a penguin, you dryer than a raisin
Hot like Cajun, bringin' all the girls to the Days Inn
Ready for a little love makin'

Yeah I want it now but they tell me have some patience
Feeling on top of the world since graduation
Now I do music all day cause there ain’t no other option

Drivin' to Connecticut, then flyin' up to Boston
I put it on for my city always showin' love
Over-dose and drugs havin' people throwin' up
They say what up when I drop in
I’m just chillin' back in my seat, Joe Swanson
Yeah I used to steal iPods and pawn them
Now I take my girl shoppin', no problem

Live it up every second, life don’t got a sequel
It’s all good thumbs up to my people


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