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Produced By: DJ Wally West & ID Labs

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[Intro: Mac Miller]
Sometimes I wonder who the fuck I am
Yeah, want you to feel it
I want you all to feel it

So step up on the mic and uhh
Show them what you got tiger

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Sometimes I wonder who the fuck I am
So I've been lookin' in the mirror and it still don't make no sense
I'm askin' what am I supposed to do?
I've done so much in my short lifetime, but I haven't done shit
I done flew around the whole world
First I shook a million hands and I took a million pictures
But I'm a hostage in my own world
And my thoughts my own enemy, got no time for these bitches
I got too much on my damn mind

So if I add some more stress, I just don't see how I'm a cope
I think they underestimate the grind
I do,
bring this dough, and I'm only 20 years old
I wonder why I sip this devil juice
Cause it feel incredible, problems, I got several

Thank God that none of that medical
Ugh, I've been blessed with much to be expected

What am I doing here?
I wonder what am I doing here
What am I doing here
What am I doing here

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
I hope this feelin' lasts for fuckin' ever
I don't want to come back down, let me stay above the ground

I hope I do what I was meant to do
Cause I've been searchin' for that answer, I just hope I get it now
Please, let me find euphoria
When you up above the clouds, like, who goin' to touch me now
And do we ever get to know the truth?
Cause everyone seems to have it, but to me it seems they lack it

Now I'm rollin' and I'm sippin' lean
Sometimes I catch a buzz just to help me picture love
Drinkin' liquor and I'm smokin' weed
And you don't ever do too much if you could never do enough
Wonder why it's me instead of you
I'll be there to rescue you, problems you got several
Thank God that none of that medical

Ugh, I've been blessed with much to be expected


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Uh, sittin' in my Bentley, thinkin' bout these hoes
All I do is kill them, I kill them like Nicole
Simpson, flag crimson, smoke em' like Winstons
I just bought a new chopper, I treat it like an infant
I'm lightin' up a stogie, It's longer than a hoagie
Situation's gettin' fishy and I don't eat anchovies
Fuck the world, kill em' all, she answer when I call
If the cops pull us over, she gon' hide it in her drawers
See I come from a place where stars never shine
And drama is accepted, credit cards are declined

Everybody gotta die, but I ain't everybody
If that ho play with me, I whoop that chick like Terrence Howard
I'm a pimp, I ain't lyin', but that is not important
I'm just tryna to buy time, but can't really afford it
Sayin' ain't that a bitch,
but I hope that bitch is bad
I feel like money in the trash, like (What Am I Doing Here)

Young Moula Baby!


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