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[Verse 1 - Ricky Blaze]
Me and my friends rolling like rock stars
So we buy the bar

All eyes on us
Girls watching from afar
We shouting through the dark
Saw this sexy little thing
She was biting her lips
Working at me hard

So I just went over there
And just whispered in her ear:
"Do you wanna start?"

Girl I wanna party with you
Girl I wanna party with you

[Nina Sky]
I got the girls in the truck
Like 6 chicks deep

And you know we keep it going
Cause we're straight sexy

[Verse 2 - Nina Sky]
All night, can you keep up?
When we hit the dance floor
You know we turn the heat up

It's like we're all on fire
Everyone's desire
All eyes on us, DJ turn it up

I heard you play before but today we going harder
So DJ play my song and keep it going louder

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