Mario – Somebody Else Lyrics

Produced By: Polow Da Don

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[Intro (x4)]
You left me for somebody else, now

[Verse 1: Mario]
I never saw the day coming
That you would ever wanna leave me

Baby, you told me no matter what
Your heart would always be for me
Always be for me

[Bridge: Mario]
Now I’m alone, said she wanna be ghost, yeah
I don’t really like it, but I gotta take it
Damn, damn, damn, girl
When you coming back?

So you never coming back? Yeah
I-I don’t believe that

But right now I gotta accept the fact that

[Hook: Mario]
You left me for somebody else now
I wish I never loved ya
You left me, baby you left me

Girl I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you
You left me for somebody else girl
Girl I wish I never met you
You left me, baby you left me
Cause I would never be alone

[Verse 2: Mario]
Girl your beauty
Made me feel like you were my everything
Made me think you was worth it

Yeah I got issues, like you were any better
Said you would always be there
But I just lost my girl



[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]
How would you have learned if I ain’t leave?
I guess I was way too naive
I should've been checked you
But I let you get mad disrespectful, huh
Couldn't be serious nigga was you?
Looking at my new man, wish it was you?
But you're dead now

Sign of the cross on ya chest and ya head now
Guilty is what you pled now
Left Queens, hit Brooklyn I'm on a belt now
Stupid is what you felt now
When you see me on TV have a meltdown
B-b-b-bombs away
Tryna sneak tip hit me when slimes away

Rolie on but I ain’t got time of day
Time'll tell, Chanel, get that Lagerfeld



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