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[Verse 1]
Since day one, motherfuckers been on my back
Yo I'm exigent, not hesitant, so I always pack a mac
When you strap, your ready to pop cops and caps
But now I'm strolling the street with one on my tail
I may got a gun, but we both know I didn't sale
So I turned to the back and started swinging
He tries to blow and grab, but we're throwing jabs
I'm reaching for my pocket, going for a stab
Pulled my swiss on the pig, and amissed his face
But I left no trace, and raced out of the place
He got dropped like a vase, so if the cops want a chase
I'll outrun, pull a gun, and go full apace
No license to kill you motherfuckers
But I'll shoot anything with half a brain, on you suckers
So its duck, buck, or you get struck
In that case, you gotta embrace that your fucked
Because when your shot dead with three in the dome
Snitches don't snitch, so there's nothing to be known

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