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I'm gonna live my life slow, at a comfortable pace
They call me granddad, cause it's written all over my face
My behaviour's controlled
No need to make the most of tonight, 'cuz I'm gonna die old

Live fast die old

[Verse 1]
Not that old, 23
Got my life ahead of me
What's the point in having fun?
I'll do it when I'm 81
My favourite party's when nobody attends (You Know)
I'm in pants my watching a box set of Friends (For Sure)

Oh my god... They're at it again (yeah)
Making my songs sound better again (double rhyme)
Parody is easy see, the words are right in front of me
Ke$ha is the best to do, cause her words are already poo


[Verse 2]
Different song, same old shit
Long as it gets YouTube hits
MSN, after ten
You're really gonna do that joke again?

You thought that we'd be better, we been three years now together
Still got semen on my sweater from the one time we met Ke$ha
When I rap I slur, yes I got a lisp sir
Least I'm not rapping half pissed like Ke$ha

Oh my god... They've done it once more (yeah)
Making a song that makes me look like a whore
Those gorgeous brits, they can't be controlled
The party don't start till we get old

This is the part where we break it down
This is the part where we eat a clown
This is the part where the DJ skips
This is the part where we show our nips

This is the part on a different track
When I cry that my Dad won't ever come back
But he's back...
Shut the FUCK up!!!
He's just an actor
Live fast, die old

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