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[Big Sean]
Miguel, Sean Don...

Mami you looking like I'm just another guy
That came to check it, that came to wreck it
No disrespect but mami that's correct cause...

What's in them jeans just got my mind hectic
I can see that you're feeling my fashion
Is it cause I'm flashin'? Or is it this cash
That's just way too reckless? Or is it this necklace?

Wait let me interrupt myself with this message

[Hook: Miguel]
I don't wanna be loved, I don't wanna be loved
I just wanna quickie

No bite marks, no scratches, and no hickies
If you can get with that, mommy come get with me
I don't wanna be loved, I don't wanna be loved
I just wanna quick fix

Up in your mix miss, send me your wishlist
I'll have you addicted so mommy come get this

[Big Sean]
I just want a quickie
Ohhhh; B-I-G, I do it
Sean Don, boi, boi, ay..

I just, I just, I just, I just wanna kiss you on your lips
Between your hips
, look down, I'm packing, fuck a trip
Now I want you to say my name girl - what's my name like I forget
I love it how you move it because you do it to my dick
You got that back seat Caddy pussy, you should let me ride
No time to take her panties off so move them to the side
I'm back go big chaining, I'm big slaying, I'm smoking good: Rick James
And I'm training ladies, I'm bitch taming, I'm rubbered up cause your bitch raining
I'm all in your butt like B-I, B-I, B-I, bitch
Let's make it quicker than tea-time, I got her legs doing a peace sign
I'm in between her like halftime; it's "hit ass time"
And I gotta go cause I'm running late even for CP time, hit once and now it's in between sheets time
I'm reppin' D-Town - boi, boi, I do it, I do it


Mommy I realize that I'm mannish
Speak a language of love like Spanish
"Quero Fugir"
I'm so obscene and know what I mean?
Yeah sorry that was Portuguese
And I speak with ease
; please (aha)
Get on them knees
I gotta penny for your thoughts if you know what I mean, but

[Hook] - 3X

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