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I love big girls,i can not lie
If you need a man baby i'm that guy
Up in the club V.I.P
Big girls every where they be lovin' me
Yeah i want a sandwich i'll take two
Put her in the kitchen she know's what to do
Lobster, chicken, buiscuts put it in the oven

Koo-laid, pizza fell my lovin
Big girls, big jobs, big salaries
Big girls don't care about calories
Big girls don't care who lookin
All they wanna know is damn who cooking

You cooking?we cooking?he cooking
You cooking?we cooking?oh we gone turn it out

Just last night i was sitting at home
Watching tv i was all alone
Seen Star Jones she done flipped her wig
Lost her weight, lost her again
A nigga like me likes queen latifa
She gone set it off and she likes the reefa
Imma get me me big beer (oh fa show)
Monique and some wings and we good to go

A nigga can't live without a big girl
Love all yall like a hot butter and cheese girl
My mammas a big girl, my granny's a big girl
My sister's a big girl, my girl's a big girl
The world's a big girl they do what it do
And some of yall niggas is big girls too

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