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[Verse 1: Mike Finito]

Auto-revese cassete
Bump another sensei
Stun gun a motherfucker
Funcrusher excelente
Automatica para mi gente?
Psychotronic eroticamente
Swallow klonopin that rent-pay
Plus prominent pen-play
Kinda odd how I tottle thousand-dollar wine-bottle
Place the collagen lips...
Or a man who gave up rap just to go back to college and shit
Overpaid rappers slash actors following scripts
Overlooked backpackers turn hipster and swallowing dicks
Wallowing in shit
Vicodin pills with a .357 in script
One hundred and twenty-eight bit encryption, bitch
Sidewind-talk, vomit on side-walk
New York outlined in chalk
Blindsided EM gang-stalker
Pirate plank-walker
Bang-bang author
Pontius Pilate shit
"try me"..."your mind is sick!"
Get a dick lick from-a some tiny chick
"Have a fun time and shit, bitch!"

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