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Uh, woke up in the spot with the crew
Ooh, yeah girl you're hot who are you

Do anything you want make a move
Now take it to the floor and work it like an athlete
Like an athlete (x6)
Now baby work it out like an athlete

[Verse 1: DJ Carnage]
Young dolla
Young don killa
Flashy ass nigga with the Range I'm a dealer
Loaded in the club
My many ass niggas
Going A-T with my Oakland side killas
Bad yellow bitch fucking with a nigga
Shawty faded then I pass it to my nigga
We keep it rolling keep it rolling like a track team
I got a white bitch her name is Angelina
Bad bitch bad bitch classy
Drop it to the floor make it nasty
She make it clap clap, oh you fancy
100 dollar bills like an athlete


[Verse 2: Mike Stud]
Role player
She like to play her part
She give us all brain
That's her train of thought

Long legs, outfit super
I'm thinking of head and I ain't talking bout the future

Uh, team Husky you lucky
Now you're bout to touch more dick than Sandusky

Ow! So take it to the floor
Easy isn't fun girl make me want it more
Not an amateur baby I got stamina
Fuck your girlfriend I got a homie that can handle her
Now she grinding on the D like a skate park
I hit it hard from the back she need State Farm


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