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It's Alright.......Let me tell you now

[Verse 1]
I came to blow a grip, you know I don't care
Grab a couple stacks, throw the money in the air
Drop the black card, open up the bar
Shut the club down, leave wit a couple broads
You fuckin with a star, you can see the glow
I'm pushin forty stacks, for a ten minute show
Nigga do the math, I'm gone need a bag
Cause I'm filthy rich, makin money out the ass
My lil' cousin told me, this is my year
I won't stop til a nigga shuttin down town square (yeah)
I do this for the block no lie
So I can drop the top on a six forty-five
See until you on top, niggas don't show respect
But my name Mims a.k.a. Cut The Check
I used to play the bench, but now I'm on deck
When I'm hoppin off the jet, nigga's face look upset
But I'm quick to tell 'em

It's Alright (2x)

[Verse 2]
Now you know the shit poppin when the chick you just met
Got your name tattooed on her ass and her neck
All the ladies love me, I'm their favorite MC
Nigga true definition, P-I-M-P
There ain't a place I ain't been, every strip every scene
Like my nigga Big said, "It was all a dream"
Now I'm sittin in the beam, inside money green
Nigga all about the cash, you can tell how I lean
Keep ya eyes on the beam, like I told you in the hot song
It's all about the cake, being broke ain't an option
Haters in the hood with the heat, tryna pop Shawn
I'm a quick grip when they see me with the rocks on
But nigga I'm Mims a.k.a. Cut The Check
See I keep it so hot but I never bust a sweat
I used to play the bench, but now I'm on deck
When I'm hoppin off the jet, nigga's face look upset
But I'm quick to tell 'em


[Verse 3]
I'm the freshest motherfucker on the scene
Spend a grand on the jeans, sittin on some Ice Creams
I represent New York, big city of dreams
Where we ride on tens but you know we keep em clean
See I lay my game down, flip a few styles
Ten times outta ten, you gone like the way it sounds
You know I get it in, and if you don't like it it's fine
So get yours, cause I'm gone definately get mines


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