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And now they're saying we're just too young
We're too hung up on the prospect of true love
But who are they to choose?
They never really knew us
I'm yelling in the streets that grew us
The melody in Moonstruck
Now that's amore they all say
Amuse me
Accusing me of always falling prey to movies
Or maybe it's the hallways
Of Orsay musee that moved me
Measuring a youth's dream on shoe strings
As if a beggar can be choosing
As if I'm better off alone just to make it less confusing
I take a breath
I take a few things
I make a left
I felt the stress of what the future brings
And it feels like living
I peel right passed them
Turn the wheel and forgive them
When youre real life flashes
Through the seal of eye lashes
Run the reel
Sign action
And still time's asking of love

What of love?
That feeling that tears away
The ordinary day
What of love?
Don't dare me to say
There's just no other way
What of love?

Ok so now I'm petrified
It seems I might have skipped a step of pride
Had written checks
But didn't check to see what should be kept inside
Love was unexpected
I guess it's just my eyes
Which never once reflected
The sum of my investment in time
It was mine
Never could I foresee
Leveraging the four C's
Now I'm thinking wise
While I'm at the store without the ring size
Smiles from the door man
Reminding I'm a poor man's dime
Why it's so complicated
My momma never stopped and waited for a rock
My pops could not have it paid off
On a pizza man's wage
Of course the marketing defeats a man's say
The force which is quick to divorce
Epiphanies from the source
And stick you with the cost at Tiffany's
Who'd a thought
We'd still be amazed by the poets and plays
While the question on the podium remains
Of love


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