Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire – Nuthin' Even Matters (Regrets) Lyrics


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Nuthin’ even matters (Nuthin’ really matters)
Nuthin’ even matters to me (When misery is all I see)
Nuthin’ even matters (Nuthin’ even matters)
Nuthin’ even matters to me (When misery is all I see)
Mommy, you used to hold me, tell me I was the best
Anything in this world I want I could possess
All that made me want was all that I could get
I’m tryin’ to survive, tell me how I live with these regrets?

How I live with these regrets
How I live with these regrets
How I… How I… How, how, how I
How I live with these regrets
How I live with these regrets
How I… How I… How, how, how

[Verse 1: eXquire]
I wake up in the morning no earlier than three
I scratch my ass and yawn, then I get up and go pee

Then Jimmy Neutron’s on
This is my favorite episode where he goes through a time warp
And meets himself when he gets old, and he ain’t shit

I guess that I relate to a degree
My Momma claims she’s proud of me
But I just cannot see how that could be
I gave up my whole future just to chase my dream
Now I feel like a loser who’s failed at everything
(I mean) Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped out in 10th grade
(I mean) Maybe I should’ve went to college up state
(I mean) Maybe I shouldn’t have quit my good-ass job
Or swallowed them sleeping pills after the shock of it all
Or slapped the shit out my ex, then mess with the other one
Consorted with hoes, popped pills like bubblegum

My life’s a cornucopia of rigamarole
Which sounds like some type of dish
Can I offer a bowl? Its like…


[Verse 2]
My life is a bitch and I ain’t got shit
I know that sounds depressing, but it is what is it
My insecurities made me a leech for love
Happy just to get it anywhere that I could get it
Though I wasn’t really feelin’ her
Plastered at my photo shoot, drunk I was depressed
Like somehow I can pretend that my life’s just not a mess
Then niggas have the nerve to try to question what I am
What you don’t fuckin’ understand is this is all that I have left
And bitches say that dumb shit, “I’m too blessed to be stressed”
But I was blessed with this talent; all it do is make me stressed
All it do is make me guess: will I ever progress?
Is success the architect behind the heartache and the stress
I fight with every breath
Yet nobody sees the ???
And lately its getting crazy and I’m runnin’ out of strength
??? so don’t you try to play me
I ain’t weak and I ain’t lazy I’m just gettin’ to the point where…


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