Ne-Yo – Crazy Love Lyrics

Produced By: Ryan Leslie

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[Verse 1: Ne-Yo]
Hmm, we're a hurricane
So destructive in the way that we do
Hmm, a little bit insane
But she loves it just the same and me too, ooh

[Pre-Hook: Ne-Yo]
They say love and insanity
Are somewhat related, in the way that they make us act
But baby girl the love between you and me
Is truly the greatest, though sometimes we hate it

[Hook: Ne-Yo]
They can't tell me nothing about no you
Cause you're my crazy love
Can't tell me nothing about how we do
Cause we got crazy love

[Verse 2: Ne-Yo]
I'm intelligent
I'm not stupid, not at all (no, no, no)
Ohh, but my common sense (common sense)
When it comes to you it falls (falls), then I do somethin dumb



[Verse 3: Fabolous]
Uh, I walk into where you was at
Then, my phone calls get a "who is that?"
I told her that I worry that we won't last
She told me you need to worry when I don't ask
See that's the crazy love I be talkin 'bout

Gary Coleman face "girl, what you talkin 'bout?"
Make me wanna kick you and that Yorkie out
Then I see that fat ass when you walkin out
How I'm gonna tell my baby "bye-bye"?
Outfit look crazy on her, you my Lady Gaga
But you wanna start at first and get the last word
You wanna lock me down and get the password
Damn, I want it straight, don't use juice
So in the bedroom I got a few screws loose
The head's kuu-kuu, back shots' psycho
Hit it from the back hard, hope you got GEICO


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