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[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Yo Cassie, you a bad bitch
I'mma call you Lassie

Just left the tall ass state Tallahassee
Don't mind me, even with a GPS you couldn't find me
Lookin at this boy I'mma call him McDreamy
I was wonderin if he got a good Dick Cheney
Got a Lamborghini so the doors go high
In a button down Chris Brown bow tie!

[Verse 2: Cassie]
I'm a bad bad woman
But you already know
I'm hard to handle, baby
I need an animal
You can't understand it
I'm so stupid with it
Boy, I fuck you silly, eh
We're out of control
I put it down for sure
On the bar or on the floor
So what you waiting for

You can't understand it
I'm so stupid with it
Boy, I fuck you silly, eh
You can't even stand it
I'm a superwoman
Boy, I fuck you silly, eh

[Hook 2]
You don't wanna give it away
You don't wanna give it away

[Verse 3: Cassie]
So hey bad cowboy
I need a lil love
And I'm a ride or die
So baby Gidee up
You can't understand it
I'm so stupid with it
Boy, I fuck you silly, eh
I make a lot of noise
I'll wake the neighbors up
I get it popping, daddy
Cos I don't give a what?

[Hook + Hook 2]

[Bridge: Cassie]
Oh we're in a position, too explicit
I'm so bad, the best you ever had
Come try me baby, and you can come and get it
I'm sure to make a splash
If you can handle that, handle that, oh
Cause I don't wanna get this party popping without you, babe
Without you, babe
I'll let you grab me by the hair
And I don't even care who hears me scream and shout

[Outro: Nicki Minaj]
Uh-huh... hmm! Hmm!
Is that my cue?
I'm looking for some brain to boost my IQ
I'm like 5'2, My SAT scores was high too
But I don't wanna brag, I Louis Vuitton bagged him
Hopped out the jag, proceeded to shag-shagged him
Thought he was a queen, I dr-dr-dr-dragged him
Dodged to the room and whipped out the Magnum
Slim, trim, also light skin
Now, P-P-Peter, put the pipe in
Yes sir, I am that bitch
Fuck you silly like the rabbit

Giddy up, giddy up; now wake Diddy up, Diddy up, Diddy up!
Young Money Nicki, bad boy Cassie
You wanna ménage? Now let's get nasty

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