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[Gucci Mane:]
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah gucci ah

[Verse: Gucci Mane]
I gotta shoppin problem
She gotta shoppin problem

I'm a compulsive shopper
So I'mma cop her prada
I'm a ice her outta
Make ya talk about her
She got this thang about her
Yea she's a sexy walker

We shoppin in Morocco
I took her to Dubai

Lil mama stupid fly
So tell me watcha like
Cause gurls I like to buy

My money stupid fat
His money on a diet

Ten stacks to keep her quiet
I make her call me daddy
Yea there go daddy baby

And she loves daddy cause
Daddy gone keep dem hatin
Yea they hatin baby
They wanna trade places

I call her sexy lady
She call me gucci baby

[Hook: x2]
She gotta fendi fetish
She gotta shoppin problem
Dat gurls a shopaholic

She only mess with ballers
She gotta gucci fetish
She gotta louie problem

She gotta shoppin problem
Dat gurls a shopaholic

[Verse: Nicki Minaj]
Yo I'm a need a couple of dem benz's -eses
I be out in China spendin yen's -eses
Gucci on my lenses -es
My leather so sensitive
Scratch my 9 o' clock
I wanna shop, make it tentative

Dilly dilly d look at all dees hoochies
I be on the beach in Emilio Pucci
I'm the best, I'm the best ask Khaled
Sorry little daddy that cards not valid
I need unlimited black cards like I'm racist

Some real big faces
Louie Vuitton cases
Hoes in the hood say Nicki Minaj boujie
I do it B.I.G. so I keep a couple Coogies, hoes

[Hook: x2]

[Verse: Bobby V]
Louie V, fuck with me
Every day's a shopping spree

Got ice that be clear like glass
I be freakin' blindin' me
My level's hard to see
Best to just admire me
Everywhere I go, she go
I go to the sto' just to blow big dough

She got a Louie problem
Louie this and Louie that

Louie hanging from her arm
In her purse a Louie strap
Big cash is everywhere
Haters love to stop and stare
Fly from the shooter here
So fucking hate, I don't care

She all about the money
She all about the cash

She all about me, Bobby
Cause I be serving that ass
I be serving the hard
She be serving me back
I just give her the card
Ain't no limit on that

[Hook: x2]

[Verse: Young Joey Da Prince]
Silly me
Buyin all this Louie V
True Religions, rocking Republic, 7's and Frankie B
Gucci, Louie, Fendi, Prada
Dolce and Gabbana
Long as I'mma keep buying designer ?
Threw her in a Hummer truck
Four wheel drive
When you ride, you ain't never stuck
Who is he? Could it be?
Young Joey, he gotta be
Honestly the hottest
Cuz when you shop there ain't no stoppin' me

I ain't seen no black cars
All I know is push 'em in
Prada gotta block 100ft cops
Try'na stuff my Timbalands
Goddamn, I love them haters
Steppin on my ?

[Hook: x2]

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