Nik Bates – Color Synesthesia Lyrics

Produced By: J Dilla

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Colors, colors colors
Colors colors, I see the world in different colors
Colors, colors colors
Colors colors, I see the world in different colors
Colors, I see the world in different colors
Colors, I see the world in different colors

[Verse 1]
Let me paint a picture of my life
My memory starts in '95
Japanese food, Japanese schools
Oh, did I mention I was Japanese too?
Since I was birthed, my words did the talking
A radiant baby, Keith Haring should’ve drawn me
Now I’m Rembrandt etching my flows
My mind warped like I met Picasso
Chilling with my dogs, playing Poker
A Dark Knight’s Tale but I ain’t no Joker
I’ll slow roast you, then put you in a box
Blue, Yellow, Red, Piet Mondrian
Hop in a Van, Gogh straight to the Louvre
Tryna figure out what it would take for me to prove
Shoes by Mr. Cartoon
I’m caught in a Haze, with a Stash in my room


[Verse 2]
Riding on a Sheperd Fairey, to the Last Supper
I don’t really know what you did Last Summer
But I’m guessing you were kicking it, chilling and
Kicking it, kicking it, chilling
Same dookie, different day, Dali, I’ma melt away
Fade away, you won’t even know my name, Neck Face
And Donatello was my room rate
Never knew rent’s due next Tuesday
Monet paints a beautiful scene
At La Petite Creuse, as he drew the ravine
Who did he see? Someone to inherit the profit
Declared it as we stared at the American Gothic
Now we moving on past, you in awe as
Basquiat’s mad, ‘cause I’m choosing Kaws as
The dude to use his craft to paint the music for the masses
Of the people scooping stacks up of my music all fast
Fall back


[Verse 3]
Hey Banksy, you’re gonna wanna thank me
And Eddy Munch could probably make a man Scream
Damn he’s not gonna come with me
To Italy, we could’ve met up with Da Vinci
But since he’s, in the Sistine, with Michelangelo
No he’s with O’Keeffe, The skull of an animal
My Futura is remarkably bright
Shining nice in a Starry Night, and I’m
The Son of Man, a child of earth
Like Frida Kahlo I can see my worth
If Botticelli would’ve drew me first
I wouldn’t even need to pen a verse
Without art, there’s no Nik Bates
Without color, life would feel so fake
Without Warhol, no Pop Art scene
And without Barbara Kruger, there would be no Supreme


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