Nipsey Hu$$le – If U Were Mine Lyrics

Produced By: Jiggy Hendrix

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Chorus: (Sade - "Cherish The Day" sample)
If you were mine
If you were mine
The way that I move
I breathe your air
You only can

Still up all night
On this marathon

Verse 1: Nipsey Hu$$le
Look, no I can't promise commitment, but I swear we'll have fun
If you ask I'll be honest, girl you not the only one
Just a man on the mission, with my hand on my gun
Couple niggas that hate me, but way more people show love
Niggas tryin' too hard, they dyin' to ball
Turn around and hate on me like it's a crime to evolve
Too afraid to be different, too ashamed to just listen
See I'm way too 100, so now they hate on my niggas
Tried to hate on my Crippin', tried to hate on my business
Not to call you a bitch, but they gon' hate on my bitches
So if you fucking with Nip, let you know my intentions
Got to think like a rider, you gotta know your position
So if it's cool, then we can hop in my Mercedes Coupe
Pop the cork off this imperial Veuv'
Crank the music, blowin' circles out the roof
And just enjoy the view

She said

Chorus: (with James Fauntleroy in background)

Lemme hit somethin' wit you lil' ma
Matter fact

Verse 2: Nipsey Hu$$le
I'm not trippin', back and forth with your nigga
Scared to lose what you got, is you lookin' for something different?
Me? "Fly Crippin'," international trippin'
I got my numbers up and now thay pay for my statistics
Yeah, young nigga, started off with a vision
Built this shit up from nothing, to the critics I ain't listen
Now, transition, so check out how I'm livin'
We V12 pushers and they transmissions is slippin'
Nigga, get yo' bitch... cuz I be bitch gettin'
Treat her like she wanna be treated, but I ain't trickin'
Beat it like she want her shit beated, but I don't kiss it
Just blame it on that shit that we smokin', plus we sippin'
Look, double cups, she tryna double up
Cuz I just hit it once, but she caught a double nut
Nasty, since she use to Double Dutch
Too quick to fall in love, what the fuck?

She said


Look, now

Bridge: Nipsey Hu$$le
If I was yours... and you was mine
Would you do me like you do him and have someone on the side?
So, keep yo' nigga, while I stay on my grind
Just hit me up and we gon' spend some time
If I was yours and you was mine
Would you do me like you do him and have someone on the side?
So, keep your nigga and I'll stay on my grind
Just hit me up and we gon' spend some time

All $ In, No $ Out


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