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[Hook: Lil Wayne]
Bitch tried to kiss me after head
Fuck wrong with your head?
She tried to kiss me after head
Fuck wrong with your head?
She tried to kiss me after head
Fuck wrong with your head?
She tried to kiss me after head
I kicked her out my bed

[Verse 1: N.O.R.E]
Okay, we left the club around 3
Headed back to that room
Yea, it’s time for that dome
‘Cause we checkin' out around noon
She said damn N.O.R.E. so cold
Keep it up, always no doors
Look at that ass, shorty on swole
We could just go go go go
How bout some back shots?
Do it missionary
Whip out my laptop, pulled out my dictionary
And I got head right off the whip
Then she came out up my lips
I'm like bitch what part is this?


[Verse 2: Ja Rule]
I got a bitch she like to get fucked up
Want it, like to get a little roughed up
And that's cool cause a nigga gotta [?] up
Sticking my dick in her mouth and she choking up
I feel nothing but you're really hurting both of us
Cause I hate to see a woman cry when they giving mind
Nevermind little mind games, any given time
You can come over, bend over, let me bust it open
Closet freak just came out, Frank Ocean
I said I like to do it in slow motion
She said it's slippery when wet, caution, awesome
Never met a mouth that I didn't fuck often
Never met a bitch that didn't like kisses down low, K. Rowland
Are you rolling? Well them kisses [?]


[Verse 3: Birdman]
Fly nigga shit
Versace on her spread
Counting 100's in different ways
Fuck my in different days
I fuck her in different ways
Showed her the [?], Fendi and head play
Pull up in hardtops, hustle and get paid (Rich Gang!)
Cruising in my Maybach, pull up to the front door
Thirty on that top floor, two on this Persian rug
Gave me brains and she blessed me on love


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