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Even the sun goes down, heroes eventually die
Horoscopes often lie and sometimes "y"
Nothin' is for sure nothin' is for certain nothin' lasts forever
But until they close the curtain, it's him and I - Aquemini

[Verse 1: Big Boi]
Now is the time to get on like Spike Lee said, "Get on the Bus"
Go get your work and keep your beeper chirpin' it's a must
Is you on that dust or cornstarch, familiar with that smack man
The music is like that green stuff provided to you by sack man
Pacman, how in the fuck do you think we gon' do that man?
Ridin' round Old National on 18's without no gat man
I'm strapped man and ready to bust on any nigga like that man

Me and my nigga we roll together like Batman and Robin
We prayed together through hard times and swung hard when it was fitting
But now we tappin' the brakes from all them corners that we be bending
In Volkswagens and Bonnevilles, Chevrolets and Coupe de Villes
If you ain't got no rims nigga don't get no wood grain steering wheel
For real, you can go on chill out and still build, let your paper stack
Instead of going into overkill pay your fuckin' beeper bill, bitch


[Verse 2: Andre 3000]
Twice upon a time there was a boy who died
And lived happily ever after, but that's another chapter

Live from home of the brave with dirty dollars
And beauty parlors and baby bottles and bowling ball Impalas

And street scholars that's majoring in culinary arts
You know how to work bread, cheese and dough
From scratch
but see the catch is you can get caught
Know what ya sellin' what you bought so cut that big talk

Let's walk to the bridge now meet me halfway
Now you may see some children dead off in the pathway
It's them poor babies walkin' slowly to the candy lady

It's lookin' bad, need some hope, like the words maybe
If, or probably more than a hobby

When my turntables get wobbly they don't fall, I'm sorry
Y'all I often drift
, I'm talkin' gift
So when it comes you never look the horse inside its grill

Of course you know I feel like the bearer of bad news
Don't want to be it but it's needed so what have you

Now question: is every nigga with dreads for the cause?
Is every nigga with golds for the fall? naw
So don't get caught in appearance

It's Outkast, Aquemini another black experience, ok


[Verse 3: Big Boi]
The name is Big Boi, Daddy Fat Saxxx, the nigga that like them Cadillacs
I stay down with these streets, cause these streets is where my folks at
Better know that, some say we pro-black, boy we professional

We missed a lot of church so the music is our confessional
Get off the testicles and the nut sacks, you bust a rhyme we bust back
Get get back for real niggas that's out here tryin' to spit facts
You hear dat can't come near dat maybe you need to quit

Because Aquemini is Aquarius and Gemini runnin' shit like this
Yea yea yea yea

[Verse 4: Andre 3000]
My mind warps and bends, floats the wind, count to ten
Meet the twin Andre Ben, welcome to the lion's den
Original skin many men comprehend
I extend myself so you go out and tell a friend
Sin all depends on what you believing in
Faith is what you make it, that's the hardest shit since MC Ren

Alien can blend right on in with your kin
Look again cause I swear I spot one every now and then
It's happenin' again wish I could tell you when

Andre this is Andre y'all just gon' have to make amends


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