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Produced By: Outkast

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[Verse 1: André 3000]
Yo, this is my story, this is my song
And to them rudypoos don't attempt to try this at home
It's just a poem until y'all learn right from wrong
Know when to bless a situation, when to grab the chrome

But it's back on, another stormy night in Atlanta, Georgia
Overcast, but on behalf of Outkast, I cordia-lly
Invite you to an emotion filled theater
Bring your umbrella cause young fella it gets no weirder

We reign, reign, supreme, preme, dungeon, dungeon kings
Do you know what brings rats, mice, snakes up out of they hole?
Chonkyfire, spiced with rock n'roll indubitably, piper pied

Now hold on my brother no, no, no, no, can't stop the stride

You are now about entering the fifth demension of ascension
Our only intention is to take you high
High, yeah, yeah my lord

[Verse 2: Big Boi]
To make one bob they head would be the track job
Your job's to spit that fire

Some of y'all MC's take this rhymin' for granted, I won't comply
With that slackin', poppin' and crackin' Fourth Ward say we snappin'
They want that hardness that oddness that gets a nigga to start this

What's happenin', see if do what yo won't do today boy
Will I live tommorrow like you can't even live cause you strayed
Motivational skills lackin', when I see you nigga you packin'

Understand that though, you behind a $75,000 car doe
But still stay with mom though,
playing the King like Don doe
You choked up, you was the nigga that supposed to be so loced up
Makin' them think Hip Hop is dead, exhume the body if you ain't scared
And if I see you in the streets I'd dap you down like you was Greg


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