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SameOldShawn: The Twilight story, the romance between the vampire and the normal person -- what got you to use that as a framing device for your life?

Kevin Gates: I wouldn't say a vampire, but metaphorically speaking, I feed on human beings. I feed on the energy of others. When you meet a vampire, they need that person. I need that person

SOS: And that's how you felt about that relationship?

KG: And that's how I felt about that relationship because my whole life, I've always had abilities. Such as physical abilities, such as mental capabilities, such as know, just abilities. I always had abilities that made me out of the norm, so to say. When it came to placing me, you couldn't categorize me with another group of individuals. And I really prefer not to be out in the daytime, being that the world is more chaotic during the day. At nighttime, everything's more settled, it's more peaceful, it's more me. That's really what happened, that's really where I'm at with that

And the men in my family, just genetically, we really don't age after 25. I could show you old pictures of me, and I look older than I look now. It's like some kind of way genetically we get younger after age 25. My uncle, he looks 17

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