Outside the Lines With Rap Genius – OTL 48: T.M. Wolf Excerpt #2 - Notation Lyrics

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T.M. Wolf: I feel like, if you listen to a song like "Hollow Bones," which is an example I use a lot -- a lot of the Wu-Tang stuff, definitely -- it actually has words in it coming from multiple people, and not just the rappers. So there's actually words in the music. And if you were to transcribe all the words that are actually in that song, you would have not just the lyrics from the rappers, but also these chopped-up vocal snatches from the beat underneath. And I think that when you first experience something like that in musical form, it sounds dissonant, because it is. But you slowly grow used to it, and you come to like those sorts of things. And then you say, why can't I use these kinds of ways of putting words together and these concepts of what hangs together outside of what we think is mellifluous in text and writing? So that's one of the impetuses behind the notation form in Sound.

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