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Aww shit, they didn't woke somebody up
They didn't woke 'em up
That's Partners-N-Crime y'all
Get ready, they done woke somebody up
Are you ready!

[Kangol Slim]
I'm Kangol Slim this Misdemeanor with the
Four fuckin' gold's, who got a new fuckin' member
Who don't love them hoes

[Prime Time]
Well it's about that time, for you to bounce
With Prime, straight down with PNC and
I'm down for mine, so sit back and chill
As ya watch me flow, as I kick it
Break it down, on we don't love them hoes and
Check it

I don't love them hoes, I don't love them hoes
Fuck them dog ass hoes, fuck them dog ass hoes
We don't love them hoes

[Prime Time]
The first bitch I talk about
Was an ho out the Melph
Thought she was to much, she was stuck on herself
Took that ho to the Teli, she was talkin' bout cash
All on you to get some cash, gotta give up that ass
Took that ho to my house 7728
My Ma was home, so I took that ho
Straight to the Lake
She went to hollerin' and scremain'
Prime Time please quit
I'm like my boy Kangol Slim, and
All I'm doin' is givin' up dick
So I jetted on that ho, she went to
Screamin' for more, that's when I broke it down
To her I don't love a ho and check it


Remember that One-91-One
I fucked that ho once again
I made her switch her foul mood, and
Jumped on her best friend
Some hoes call me dog, some say it's an shame
But it's an Big Boy thing, and I'm true to the game now
This ho had some ducket's, she had a car, yeah? Fuck it
But it didn't bother me, cuz I'm all about fuckin'
I hit the ass so fast, she had to dash and
Let that ho know, that my name is
Misdemeanor and I still don't love a ho


[Kangol Slim]
Do you remember that bitch, that
I met on a Sunday night
I took her to the Telli, on
A all night flight
I rocked it
Back, back, forth and forth
I took it out her ass, and stuck a
Dick in her throat
When I caught me a nut, the bitch said
She wanted ends
I said bitch you must be sick cuz
I ain't givin' up no dividends
Before I hit the door
Throw on my rope, my Kangol
I told ya want's before
I don't love a ho


[Kangol Slim]
This hoes out here, they say they want 'em a trick
But my name is Kangol Slim and all I'm givin' is dick
So if you down with me and you don't love a ho
Just throw yo hand's in the air
Let me know, let me know
New Orleans if you down and don't love a ho
Throw yo hand's in air, let me know, let me know
Tennessee if you down and don't love a ho
Throw yo hand's in air, let me know, let me know
Lafayette if you down and don't love a ho
Throw yo hand's in air, let me know, let me know
Texas if you down and you don't love a ho
Throw yo hand's in air, let me know, let me know


Peace, and we out this bitch
For the 94-95 it's fuckin' PNC
Misdemeanor, Kangol Slim and
Motherfuckin' Prime Time
For all you nigga's who don't
Love them hoes, it's all good

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