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[Verse 1]
It began with the power of thought
Manifesting from the source of unstoppable psychological force
On an insurmountable course
Climbing up the mountain of course
? to the fountain of bars
At the top of the charts
Why I've mapped the mission
And graphed the position
Permitted from passionate rap spittin'
I am the way, and the truth in the life
No one comes to the stage except through the use of the mic
And there's no using it twice
So give it your best
Or else the worst will take effect when you submitted to rest
I never give into stress
I make it seem worthy
Of evil sixteens to the beast screams mercy absurdly
These radio stations are hatin', man
I spew a rhyme 'till every single room inside the radio station is vacant
What are they playing?
It shouldn't take a bank account to know that this is a statement
Lil' sucker, what up?
Passion, the lyrical assasin
Lunchbag all up in the back where we're all ready attack

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