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[Hook: Petey Pablo]
Everywhere I go
I'm fresh and I'm clean
I got that man, sitting on my chain
Every one of my cars, all up to date
You can say what you want
Bitch, I'm straight

Everywhere I go
I'm fresh and I'm clean
I got that man, sitting on my chain
Every one of my cars, all up to date
You can say what you want
Bitch, I'm paid

[Verse 1: Petey Pablo]
My Mom be begging me
Please Baby
Put up your paper
You never know when them folks might cut 'ya loose from your label
And these houses and car payments ain't able to be paid
And we out on the bus stop stuck in the rain

I ain't gonna say it ain't gonna happen
Cause anything can happen
But I ain't out here just rapping
I'm bout' to be a actor
I'm out here with Sean Penn
And we well connected
The bill collectors can wait a second
(Hey Sean cut the check)
You know your Son's a hustler
I ain't let 'ya down yet
I ain't finna' to start today
You can bet that
Look at all these stones on my neck
I can take out just a chair
And put you in a condo with that

Take the other part of the shit
And clear up your debt
So anything that they took from us
I betcha they gonna bring back
I'm prepared for the bad weather
I ain't a dumb ass
Anything happen
(Hey Suge)
Give my Ma a garbage bag


[Verse 2: Petey Pablo]
I ain't never took them folks to my crib
Showed them folks how I live
If I take em' somewhere
I take em' to the Pen
Show em' how I did it for six years
How I dealt with the bullshit
And how it worked out for the best
How being in there sharpened the skill
Turned the kid into the kid that your hearing right now
And I know you got questions about
Why I'm hanging out
With Suge Knight
And what the hell is this all about
And I'm gonna tell 'ya like this
Real niggas recognize real niggas
That's just how it is
I ain't make it up
That's how it been
Since way back when
You can check for yourself
I ain't bullshitting
I know the situation at hand
Might make folk mad
But goddamn, what 'ya mad at
Cause my house done got a lot bigger
Car's are triple figures
And I ain't gotta fuck with 'ya jealous niggas


[Verse 3: Petey Pablo]
Homeboy, Petey got the streets wondering
The label that I'm labeled on
They wonder
Nervous, shaking like the air condition on
And they ain't got no sweater on
And they colder, than a polar bear's cold
Did they think about it before they signed Usher
Every time I turn around
All up under
American Music Awards
They ain't get no ticket for me
But I still was there
Ticket's, paid cash for em'
Or Suge paid for em'
Cause if he paid for em'
We homeboys
I'll get em' back
When I drop three hundred stacks
On this phat, black Phantom (my man)
Throw the keys to em'

[Hook] 2x

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