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[Verse 1: Prez]

Ayo, catch me on the corner wit Nasty Boi, in a beat up Ford Explorer
College kids sittin' on ten grand, distrubutin' a quarter
So you wanna, buy a pound and break it down, right here?
Middle of the parking lot, guess we ain't goin' nowhere
We packin' plenty green, supplyin' for these ganja fiends
Hot girls openin' they legs, flashin' what I'm snackin' on in between
I'm eatin' like a buffet, and the car is kinda stuffy
'Cuz we been bakin' in this oven for two hours and thirty
Minutes are miniscule, I'm waitin' for sour hour
Smoke half a ounce, and snort up some Adderall like it's flour
These dudes is envious, not savin' money, yeah we spendin' it
We go around this rock once, I'm tryna make the best of it
Listen to what I'm tellin' you, fuck T-Pain and his autotune
I'm tryna make a milli before twenty-two, what about you?

Say what?
(Prezidential Candidates muthafucka)
I want the muthafuckin' Prezidents to represent me

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