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[Prime Minister]
I'm kickin this for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
Came into my life, filled me up now I'm alright
Unbound them lost souls' the strastigic plan
But understand I'm directed by the man and HIS Holy Hand
And the click we be rollin wit is Z.O.E
And the scriptures we be flowin wit is K.J.V
Wit the hits we droppin, believe we poppin
15 in the trucks, got it thumpin and knockin
Cause we ain't about to fall off
Run this race, and occupy this here space
Til we raptured up and hualed off
Nah dog, we ain't commin wacked, infact
We headed back, laced the track are you tastin that
Facin black its a raw deal
And it's anioted when you representin the Lord wit it
Can you dig it, in this planet theres a better way
Open your eyes, givin to sanctified playas who can ride

[Hook: Prime Minister and MC Hammer]
Cause we be ridin, survivin, layin back like we be hidin
1 time we surprise em, they army quickly dividin
Look, my clicks' strong, trillions of them
Picture us takin out millions of them
Cause we be ridin, survivin, layin back like we be hidin
1 time we surprise em, they army quickly dividin
Look, my clicks' strong, trillions of them
Picture 4 of us takin out millions of them

[ ]
They be caught up in the rapery, they lied to me
In my eyes they surprisin me, they tryin to be
But I can see and I can spot a mighty ? known crook
Who been shook, cause it read it from the wrong book
But if you look, once was ten thousand right
Then multiply wit what was written, then a million in flight
Aight, we luanched this attack in the back of a hummer
Duckin down sayin Prime where's the Bibles at

[ ]
Up we be up buck buck shots right out
M-16 Thomas machine spittin knowledge ring out
So we gon brake down the wall like the ?
Kinda different but we got shores in all
But if we could see that we all should be
Me I'ma praise Zion and gon do some dirt for me
True on Calvary we got the Victory
Got the dominion of fire under us that's how it's supposed to be


Jesus, the Truth the Way the Light
That's why I never think twice
Layin demonic demons down in this spiritual fight
Sayin good night, to spiritual boxers on an all night flight
Knockin demons out like Holyfield did Mike
What's happen Daddy, me and my dogs spit that fire
Makin demons go down like David murdered Goliath
We be ridin, one by one they whole army we be dividin
Cause we be ridin

[MC Hammer]
I killed the clock, a sack a rocks if your heart stops
Til I vision my worst dreams, of big G's gettin droped
Lord crusify my enemies and murder my pain
Untouchable, fireproof as I survive the game
On the trains they usin violence, tryin to keep my silenced
But now I'm ridin and survivin cause Jesus gave me a promise
Representin to the world, showin the evil they practice
I got your back Daddy, sayin them demons can't attack me


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